An Update

Have I quite recovered from the Back to School Running Day? Yeah pretty much, and while it definitely took the wind out of my sails a little bit, it was an invaluable experience for a multitude of reasons. So a very big thank you to everyone who helped out, whether that was bringing a vehicle, selling programmes, directing buses or just turning up and supporting our first attempt.

It was a whirlwind of a day that I've struggled to put into blog post format though I do hope a post regarding it will surface soon enough. In the meantime I'd also like to thank the several people who've lent words of wisdom since then and provided a sounding board as to how to move forward. Without that, and the many words of encouragement I received on the day (Thank You!), it would be challenging to move on positively. As it is, there are ideas flying around from many quarters as to how to move forward.

Event ideas include a range of single vehicle events as well as a few running days. When these will happen is very much an unknown at this point but I, personally, somewhat lack patience so I'm hoping to get at least one on by the end of the year. However, don't hold me to that, it's an ambition not necessarily a reality...

Another exciting element to the future is a significantly increased geographical spread of whereabouts in the country our events will be happening. We're well aware of the implications of these and how, where long distance travel is involved, plenty of warning is beneficial so people can make those journeys cost effectively, having booked in advance. It is also worth noting how far some people traveled to attend our most recent event, and that surprised everyone organising the event, so if that was you, Thank You and hopefully we can bring an event closer to you sometime soon Against that backdrop we will happily take constructive suggestions for future events through the contact form on this site.

Regarding previously advertised events, the 635 running day is still something we'd love to do but just wasn't feasible last weekend due to, at the time, unforseen commitments of us organising. The Doleham Rail Replacement event is looking increasingly unlikely because we're struggling to find a suitable vehicle... If anyone does have a feasible lead on that then please do, once again, fill out the contact form on this site and we'll be in touch. There has also been faint mention of an event in the run up to Christmas, it's TBC on our Facebook page. This won't happen as described there but as I said earlier, we hope to host an event before the end of the year.

In the meantime, do keep your eyes on our Facebook page and our website. We will keep you posted!

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